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What is a switching power adapter?
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1, switching power adapter is a power adapter, also called voltage converter, is a modern electronic technology and the corresponding control of the switch tube on and off time ratio, the mains 220V AC power into electronic equipment or appliances with a dozen volts AC power equipment.

2, switching power adapter is generally composed of a full-wave rectifier, switching tubes, excitation signal, current-continuing diode, energy storage inductor, filter capacitors and other parts.

3, switching power adapter general supporting products for tablet computers, digital photo frames, humidifiers, air purifiers, electronic refrigerators, LED lamps and lanterns, LED photoelectric products, security equipment, massagers, LCD TVs, digital products, medical equipment, monitoring equipment, notebook computers, home computers, hard drive boxes, electric car charging, small appliances, industrial equipment, video and audio. Widely used in electric cars, batteries, electric toys, massage and beauty, medical equipment, monitoring systems, instruments, automotive appliances, submersible lights, submersible pumps, routers, set-top boxes, switches, instruments, mini TVs, PDAs, network information products, communication products, tunnel lights, guardrail lights, wall washer lights, spotlights, phantom lights, soft light bars, backlight sets, etc. !

4, switching power adapter does not use bulky frequency transformer, and because the power dissipation on the switching MOS tube is greatly reduced, eliminating the need for a larger heat sink, so most of them are more mini.