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What is the standard of UL power cord
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UL power cord plug: 120V 50/60Hz is divided into two-core line, three-core line and polarized, non-polarized, U.S. power plug copper must have a rubber sleeve; two-core printed line represents the wire; large polarized pins for the zero line, small pins for the fire line (power cord concave and convex surface for the zero line, the line round surface for the fire line).
UL power cord including NISPT-2 double-insulated flat wire, SPT-1W with slotted single-insulated flat wire, SJTW waterproof power cord, SJTO oil-proof power cord, etc. The standards are as follows.
1.NISPT-2: NISPT stands for double insulated, with two surfaces core insulation and outer insulation.
2. XTV and SPT: represents single-layer insulation, with two core wires on the -2 side (the wire body is grooved and the outer insulation is directly covered with copper conductors).
3. SPT-3: represents single-layer insulated ground wire, -3 represents three-core wire (the wire body has a groove and the middle ground wire is double insulated).
4. SPT, NISPT for flat wire, SVT for double insulation, core insulation, external insulation of the round wire.
The above is the standard for UL power cord. AC power cord is mainly used for AC power supply, and DC power supply is mainly used for DC power supply。