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            In-Depth Analysis of Advanced Technology and Technical Data of KRECO M
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            As a manufacturer of KRECO medical power adapters, we are committed to providing advanced technological solutions to the healthcare industry to enhance the performance and reliability of medical devices. Let's delve into the advanced technology of KRECO medical power adapters and explore their technical data to showcase their outstanding energy conversion capabilities.


            1. Highly Efficient Energy Conversion Technology: KRECO medical power adapters employ advanced energy management and conversion circuits to achieve highly efficient energy conversion. Here are some key technical data of our adapters:


            • Energy conversion efficiency: Achieving over 90%, minimizing energy wastage.
            • High power density: Providing a power range from 6W to 180W, catering to different medical device requirements.
            • Wide input voltage range: Suitable for power standards worldwide, ensuring stable output voltage.


            1. Advanced Electromagnetic Compatibility: KRECO medical power adapters are meticulously designed and tested to comply with the latest international electromagnetic compatibility standards, ensuring reliability and stability in medical environments. Here are some key technical data of our adapters:
            • Immunity capability: Withstanding electromagnetic disturbances and adapting to various electromagnetic environments.
            • Low radiation and interference: Employing efficient shielding designs to reduce electromagnetic radiation and received interference signals.


            1. Reliable Fault Protection Technology: KRECO medical power adapters incorporate multiple fault protection mechanisms to ensure the stable operation of medical devices. Here are some key technical data of our adapters:


            • Overvoltage protection: Automatically disconnecting the power supply when the input voltage exceeds the specified limit to prevent damage to the device and patients.
            • Overcurrent protection: Automatically cutting off the power supply when the device requires a current beyond the rated value to prevent device overload.
            • Short circuit protection: Rapidly disconnecting the power supply in the event of a device short circuit to safeguard the adapter and device's safety.

            With the advanced technology and technical data mentioned above, KRECO medical power adapters offer stable and efficient energy conversion solutions, providing a solid foundation for the performance and reliability of medical devices. We are dedicated to continuous innovation and technological advancements to meet the healthcare industry's demand for high-quality power adapters.


            Contact us to learn more about the technical analysis and customized solutions of KRECO medical power adapters, delivering excellent energy support for your medical devices.