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            The Characteristic of KRECO
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            KRECO is a professional electronic product design solution provider with outstanding ability of independent R&D and innovation, new products are launching every year, and has been providing quality services to middle and high-end customers around the world.

            With rich and diverse product categories, while backed-up by a strong supply chain, we can provide OEM, OBM and ODM products for customers.
            If you are looking for Vietnam factory, we can also process in Vietnam.

            We have strong influence brands KRECO and IPSKRE, which originate from European and American design concepts.
            Did you know that Iphones are made in Foxconn?
            Would you go to Foxconn to buy an Iphone?
            You won't, because Iphone is Apple's brand and Foxconn won't sell it to you.

            We also have 7 management systems, including: customer management system, supplier management system, product management system, order management system, quality control management system, logistic management system and after-sales management system, to ensure the correctness of eachlink.