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From June 19th to 21st, 2024, the Miami Beach Convention Center will be the epicenter of innovation as KRECO showcases its latest series of medical power adapters at the FIME Miami International Medical Exhibition. Located at booth S82, KRECO will present a comprehensive range of products spanning from 6W to 480W, designed to meet the diverse power needs of medical equipment and devices worldwide.

KRECO's medical power adapters are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of the healthcare industry, offering a blend of high performance and innovative technology. These adapters are equipped with a universal wide voltage input feature, catering to the varying power grid conditions across different countries and regions. Furthermore, they incorporate multiple safety mechanisms, including overload, short circuit, and overheating protections, ensuring the safe operation of medical devices in a multitude of environments.


Committed to product excellence, KRECO has earned widespread recognition in the market for its medical power adapters. Utilizing advanced power IC management technology, KRECO's adapters deliver 2xMOPP, ensuring a safer and less interfering operation, contributing to a healthier and safer medical environment for users. These adapters not only cater to the diverse power requirements of medical devices but also feature multiple safety measures such as overload and short circuit protections, guaranteeing stable operation under various conditions.


KRECO's commitment to innovation and quality is evident in its ongoing research and development efforts. The company is currently in the process of launching the KRE018MPS series, which is tailored for compact, portable medical devices and equipment in the 18Watt power range, complete with interchangeable global plugs for added convenience.

At the FIME Miami exhibition, KRECO invites professionals, partners, and customers from the global medical community to visit booth S82. This gathering is an opportunity to explore the future trends in medical power adapters, seek collaboration opportunities, and co-create a brighter future for healthcare technology.


Under the clear blue skies of Miami, KRECO looks forward to joining hands with you to witness a new milestone in the field of medical power adapters. Let's converge at the FIME Miami exhibition to experience the superior performance of KRECO's medical power adapters and delve into the boundless possibilities of medical technology.


Together, we can write a new chapter in medical device power supply, providing safer and more efficient healthcare services to patients around the globe. At the FIME Miami exhibition, KRECO will display detailed technical features and application cases of its medical power adapters, allowing visitors to experience firsthand the exceptional performance and innovative value of KRECO's products. KRECO anticipates forging partnerships with more medical device manufacturers and healthcare institutions through this exhibition, collectively advancing medical technology and enhancing the safety and efficiency of healthcare services for patients worldwide.

With a subtle nod to KRECO's achievements, it's clear that the company is a name to remember in the medical power adapter space. However, the focus remains on the transformative potential of these products and the collective impact we can make in the healthcare sector. KRECO's dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction is the driving force behind its continued success and the reason why it is a trusted partner for many in the industry.


As we look to the future, KRECO's medical power adapters represent not just a product line but a commitment to improving healthcare outcomes through reliable and efficient power solutions. Join us at the FIME Miami exhibition to be part of this exciting journey and to discover how KRECO's innovations can empower your medical devices and enhance patient care.


To facilitate the visit of professionals and attendees, the FIME Miami International Medical Exhibition offers a free online registration service. By accessing the official website at, you can easily complete the registration process. KRECO invites you to booth S82 to immerse yourself in the innovative technology of KRECO's medical power adapters and explore the future trends in medical technology.

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