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Global Sources Forum (Zhongshan) December 5, 2013
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Global Sources Forum

Mr. Craig (fouth from left) and Mr. Billy Chu (third from right)

5 Dec 2013 was a special day for the enterprises in Zhongshan city, because Mr. Craig, CFO of Chief Executive China (CEC, a subsidiary magazine of Global Sources Group), will come to Zhongshan and hold a Forum for forecast the China's Export market, Named "Intelligent, win the future".
This Forum attracts about more than 400 numbers of elite of exporters in zhongshan who are come from different industries, and commercial area.

Mr. Craig, CEC, who analyzed the strength of Asia countries for example, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc., a statistic Data shows the international buyers will always go to China for recent decade.
Mr. Billy Chu, General Manager of Zhongshan Kingrong Electronics Co.,Ltd., KRECO, who is a very successful exporter for switching power supply product in Zhongshan. Billy Chu was invited by Global sources to join this forum, and share his opinions for how to do intelligently, to win the market.

In the Dialogue round, as one of three invited representatives of successful exporters, Billy Chu said about the action speed about the fast online B2C,C2C businesses, Action speed of operation of factories, Action speed of services, he talked about the China dream, international trade dream is coming true.
Billy Chu also talked about the efficiency of work, time management, marketing skills, etc.

Esp, for marketing skills, he said KRECO has 10 years history in B2B, Magazine field, a very professional switching power supply manufacturer, to focus on middle-high end window, a complete mix marketing methods is needed for our exporters if you want to be successful, for instant, Magazine, online B2B, company website, Trade fair, Face to face visiting, Free internet Ads, SEO for search engines, etc.
He said that he took this special opportunity to thank you for customers' continued and valued support in 2013. The past  8 years were certainly challenging yet we can look back at another successful year in a difficult environment. he is looking forward to partnering with you again in 2014 and enjoying continued mutual success.
In a word, this Forum was very successful, we learned about the buyer's thinking, market difference, Future strategy, China made products will be changed into it Intelligent made in China.
Reporter, Swing Lee.
Kingrong Enterprise Ltd.