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New Arrival: The English Edition China Daily
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On April 6, the postman brought something special for us, what we have been looking forward to has come——CHINA DAILY.
Encouraging employees to self-enhancement is the ideology and traditional of KRECO since established. KRECO is equipped with Reading Corner, collection types of books involved in various aspects, and the number of books is still growing year by year.
In China, "As China's rise and reading” is written in schoolbook is the fact that everyone knows.
As an enterprise exports accounted for over 95%, each employee is inevitably to contact with foreigners who come to visit or audit etc. The acceleration of globalization also increased each person's survival pressure, every man with ambition need continuous learning to grow, especially the English reading and writing skills are imminent to be improved.
Company firmly subscribed the CHINA DAILY to create better condition for every staffs who willing to self-improvement.
CEO takes the lead, bring up the reading trend, well worth learning!


Sharon W


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